Adolescence Counseling

Adolescent counseling

Understanding Your Adolescent

Life's challenges can be especially hard for adolescents as they don't yet have the experience to make informed decisions.
If your child is struggling in school or is experiencing a life change, allow our certified counselor to help. Suzanne Stokes MS LMHC CAP can provide your child with helpful tools to navigate life successfully.

Make the Right Choice With Our Guidance

Young 20-somethings are often faced with tough decisions that they are often not capable of making on their own.
Let us provide you with a compassionate, unbiased, and educated view of your unique situation so you can make the right choice.
Adolescent counseling

Supporting Adolescents Through Counseling

  • Self-image
  • School attendance
  • School performance
  • Relationship issues
  • Motivating adolescence
  • Addictions
  • Tough decisions (young adults 20-30s) and more
Adolescent counseling

Evenings and Weekends Appointments

We know life doesn't just happen on weekdays. We provide support to our clients on evenings and weekends, so you will never feel alone. Allow us to customize a treatment plan that most effectively supports you throughout the process.
We provide a FREE
20-minute phone consultation. Call us now at
It's never too late to change your child's behavior. Call us to schedule a consultation for your adolescent.
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